3 Of The Most Power

To have a partner, the one that we can share and express our feeling, to love and being loved is one of the most important thing in our life. Yeah.. you might say that your life is not affected at all without that other half. Or that you have tonnes of friends whom you call family, but deep down inside there must a moment when you come home to that empty apartment, hoping that someone is there waiting for you.

Hope no more.

Here’s 3 of the most powerful tips for you to try on that girl you’ve been eyeing on.

1) Get noticed.

Firstly, you need her to know about your existence. Stare at her or simply look at her and smile when she is looking at you. But be careful not to frighten her as she might thinks that you’ve been staring at her for some God knows what reasons.

2) Be a gentleman

Why just stare if you can approach her? Be a gentleman. Say hi to her, open the door for her, impress her with your polite gestures. You may cause her to get butterflies in her tummy.

3) Befriend her.

You can start getting to know her better by being her friend. Listen to her problems, give a good advice when she needs one. But you should be aware not to be her ‘best friend’ or she’ll ends up treating you like one, and nothing more. You should let her realized that you want her to have you as more than a friend.